Fairway Point Series
Fairway Point Floorplans

These homes reflect the relaxing lifestyle of the golf enthusiast. There are six floorplans for the golfer or golf watcher to choose from.

Forest Park Premier
Forest Park Floorplans

These homes, in a Sierra Nevada style, all utilize themes from this historic and naturally beautiful area. Choose from five floorplans.

Rosecreek Classic
Rosecreek Classic Floorplans

More formal and traditional in style, Rose Creek models are designed with an eye to gracious living. There are four floorplans to choose from.

Heritage Estates
Heritage Estates Floorplans

Western traditional, these floorplans reflect the heritage of our area. There are three floorplans to choose from.

Sierra Casual Collection
Sierra Casual Floorplans

For the modern in taste, these are floorplans for easy living. Choose from seven different floorplans.