Be as Involved as You Want to be...

Do you like to travel but don’t like to drive? What about attending sporting events? Do you love visiting Museums? Or what about visiting National Parks? Is attending a variety show or musical your thing? Want to take a cooking class at the world-renowned Culinary Institute of America (CIA)? Or maybe you want to do some wine tasting with friends?

Striving to bring people together intelligently by providing a variety of things to do, the Sun City Roseville Activities Department curates a wide assortment of activity opportunities. Sun City Residents can attend near and far event locations by day-trip, or through a diverse selection of shows and concerts taking place both within the Timber Creek Lodge itself, or at external venues.

With such a wide range of things to do with your friends, neighbors and fellow residents, you will find something, whatever your interest may be, it is up to you to be as involved as you want to be here at Sun City Roseville.

Travel with your friends without having to drive. The Activities Department strives to make trips an enjoyable experience. Curated diverse trips are offered monthly and use coach lines that ensure current safety standards, comfort and cleanliness for transportation. These organized trips offer a variety of travel options including: Theater Shows, Casinos, Wine Tasting (in some of the best California locations), local and National sporting events, shopping, elegant dining, visiting Museums, and so much more! The Village Courier Magazine offers extensive details on the varieties of trips available to residents.

Come and see what is going on at Sun City Roseville! There is a diverse selection of curated events available to the residents of Sun City Roseville. From dances and concerts, to comedy shows and theatrical performances and so much more, the selection is amazing. Are you a Foodie? The Timbers at the Lodge Restaurant hosts themed food-focused events, music entertainment and dancing.

So many class options... The Sun City Roseville Activities Department Clubs and Groups host selection of classes available to Club or Group members. Membership has it's perks! Numerous choices of classes are offered through 50 Chartered Clubs & Groups daily that cover a broad range of subjects. Classes can include, but are not limited to: art, acting, cards, ceramics, computers, cooking, court sports, crafts, cycling, dance, fiber arts, finance, fitness, language, music, musical instruments, painting, sewing and singing. Greater detail of the Club and Group class options are provided in the Village Courier Magazine.

The Village Courier Magazine is a high-quality magazine published monthly exclusively for Sun City Roseville Residents, including a variety of articles (on resident human interest stories and other stories relevant to Sun City Roseville, and the surrounding community).

Sun City Roseville Clubs & Groups use The Village Courier Magazine as a means to provide information and includes meeting and special event dates and times, in addition to contact names for the great quantity of Clubs & Groups. Other scheduled Activities can also be found inside. For residents in need a reputable service, The Village Courier Magazine showcases advertisers (who offer services and products relevant to Sun City Roseville residents). To advertise in The Village Courier Magazine, please contact the Activities Department at 916.774.3814.

Lenora Harrison