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To meet our long-term operational management requirements with the City of Roseville in our open space areas here at Sun City Roseville, we incorporate the use of goats to control the thatch accumulation in our grassland areas. The City of Roseville has used goats for over a decade in other open space areas throughout the city to control thatch. Areas that prospered with livestock grazing decades ago, will now benefit from the presence of goats. The use of goats may also assist Sun City Roseville in the natural control of certain invasive weeds, such as star thistle. These same goats nourish our vernal pool areas with their droppings in these areas.

The goats are usually on site during the month of September, concentrating on grasslands and nourishing the vernal pools found in the Central Park Preserve. These goats are supervised 24/7 by two (2) professional vaqueros (cattle herders) from South America and their herding dogs. Annually, they set up temporary residence within the Main Preserve. This is a professional operation with 24/7 veterinary care if necessary, and continues to use low voltage electrical fencing (12 volt) and professional hearding dogs to control the goat herd.

This annual project may impact access to the main preserve's walking path at times. If you use that area, please be aware of temporary detours. Sometimes these temporary detours are needed when moving the goats in and around the Preserve. It should be noted that human entrance into the grazing site is NEVER permitted. Sun City Residents should not interfere in the work of the professional vaqueros or the goat herd, and to respect the needs of both.

This project is annually approved by the SCRCA Board of Directors through the fiscal operations budget and is necessary within the open spaces of SCRCA. The goat herds actual grazing location is rotated annually, is determined by Sun City Roseville consulting with a biologist, and the open space manager for the City of Roseville.

Shelley Weisman