Lake Tahoe
Culinary Institute of America
Yosemite National Park
Castillo d'Amorosa


Sun City Roseville is nestled in the beautiful Oak woodlands of Northern California...

Located just sixteen miles north of the California State Capital of Sacramento, the location is not far from the San Francisco Bay Area. (The greater Bay Area includes the cities of San Francisco, Oakland, the largest city of the region, San Jose and many more.)

The Northern California area is home to the Sierra Nevada mountains (which contain Yosemite Valley National Park, Lake Tahoe, and a wide variety of other State Park areas); in addition to the Cascade Range. The Cascade Range contains Redwood forests and the second highest mountain peak in the western United States, (after Mount Rainier in Washington State).

Northern California is also home to world famous Napa Valley, home of numerous award-winning wineries, and the amazing Culinary Institute of America. The northern half of the Central Valley is one of the world's most porductive agricultural regions. Want to know more about Northern California?

Marianne Kim