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Some of the Most Frequently Asked Questions...

Is there an age requirement?

According to the Fair Housing Act, at least 80% of residences within the community must be occupied by at least one person over the age of 55.

A “Qualifying Resident” means a person fifty-five (55) years of age or older who resides in a residence within Sun City Roseville.

Who manages Sun City Roseville?

Sun City Roseville Community Association, Inc. (SCRCA) is a non-profit corporation established to operate all of the community’s facilities and is responsible for common area maintenance. Del Webb Corporation turned over control of the Association to SCRCA in 1997. A seven-member Board of Directors is elected by the residents to administer the affairs of the Association. SCRCA employs close to 300 employees, including an on-site Executive Director, and fourteen (14) department managers who are responsible for day-to-day operations of the Association. The Board of Directors conducts monthly meetings that are open to all residents.

Is Sun City Roseville financially secure?

Sun City Roseville maintains separate Asset Reserve Funds derived from annual homeowner fees, and the New Owner Reserve Assessment. These funds provide money for replacing and refurbishing the capital assets which are owned by the Association. The information on the financial security of Sun City Roseville is located here.

What about Policy & Guidelines violations?

Complaint Report Forms are available at the Timber Creek Lodge Administrative Offices. Once the form is completed, simply place it in the SCRCA Drop Box located on the Rosegarden side of the Timber Creek Lodge. The Community Standards Department will follow-up with an investigation if it is a valid complaint. Status reports are not given by Civil Law. Please know that a written complaint includes a process. Be sure to include a complete description of your concern, along with your name, address, phone number, and email address. Due to the limited number of staff and the volume of complaints received, priority is given to valid written complaints with contact information over anonymous written complaints.

Are Board Meetings open to residents?

The Board of Directors conducts monthly meetings and these meetings are open to all residents. Much of the work of the Board is handled by additional standing committees i.e. Architectural Review Committee, Compliance Committee, Chartered Clubs Committee, Finance Committee, Governing Affairs Committee, Golf Committee, Properties Committee, and the Sports Activties Committee.

What about committees or volunteering?

Sun City Roseville residents can enjoy the rewarding experience of volunteering, by sharing their time and talent within the community either as committee members, resident-elected members of the Board of Directors, Neighborhood Watch captains, Club leaders, facilities montitors, tending to the Timber Creek Lodge Library, or assisting with a wide variety of other activities.

What is my assessment fee?

Each homeowner of a Sun City Roseville property must register as a member of Sun City Roseville Community Association, Inc. Annual homeowner fees are used for financing the operation and maintenance of the Association; for the landscape and maintenance the common areas; to preserve, enhance and protect the assets of the community; and to finance the programming and management of the amenities for the benefit of homeowners. The general information on homeowner Fees is located here.

Is Sun City Roseville Pet Friendly?

Pets are loved and valued companions of many Sun City residents. However, you should remember Placer County has a leash law which requires your valued pets to be kept on leash. It is in everyone’s best interest to obey leash laws and keep their pets, themselves and the public safe and free from any bad experiences which may occur when a pet is loose.

Can grandchildren visit in Sun City Roseville?

Guests are welcome for up to 60 days per year. More information about Children, Grandchildren and non-resident visitors is located here.

Are there fees to use the Amenities?

The Restuarant & Lounge, pools, Fitness Center, sports courts are all available to residents of Sun City Roseville. To use the amenities residents must show a membership card. These cards are made available to residents from the Administration Offices. Sun City Roseville's two championship golf courses are open to public play. Residents of Sun City Roseville can purchase a variety of golf play passes (in the Administration Offices) which provide discounted course fee play. For the convienance of our residents, WiFi is available at the Lodge.

Can renters use the Amenities?

A renter can join the Association and receive a membership card, provided the property owner has paid the SUF fee. That membership card allows them to use the amenities, just as homeowners do.

Lenora Harrison